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We are proud that in the last 90 days our clients have gone on game-changing journeys and learnt to get more reliable pipeline, close more deals and earn bigger contract values that don't churn, without hiring expensive sales and marketing leaders or raising massive venture capital rounds.

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Unique chance to scale your MRR, working alongside top B2B SaaS Experts from the saaS Channel

Today, as founder of the SaaS channel, Richard Britton is known as one of the most sought after mentors and business coaches in B2B SaaS. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Richard struggled during his early days as a bootstrapped SaaS founder. 

Then when he saw more experienced SaaS leaders struggling with pipeline, sales growth and retention and realized they were parting with more and more of their equity to fund their start ups, he decided to look for better ways to grow his MRR. He became an expert in Marketing, Sales and SaaS growth, creating one of the most successful, fast growth B2B SaaS companies in Europe and was responsible as CEO for building a $50M global SaaS business.

Today Richard is a coach and instructor to some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs in the world. The mission of The SaaS Channel is to bring the most important lessons from stand-out SaaS professionals, to the rising leaders in SaaS.


Any B2B SaaS Leader Looking To Massively Scale Their Business That Doesn't Prioritise These lessons , Is Almost Guaranteed A Journey That Is Slower, Harder, And More Likely To Fail.

Pick the successful SaaS strategies for customers, marketing, sales, and even customer success.

Strategies For Customers

In our experience, when B2B SaaS leaders are not getting at least 10 good prospects every week, it's often not because they don't have great products and branding, but it's because they need proven SaaS Customer Strategies designed to attract amazing customers. 

We'll help you become a market authority, build instant empathy for every customer's biggest need, and generate an amazing reputation as the go-to solution for them.

Strategies For Marketing

Are you tired of felling overstretched, working slow deals, running your business 24/7 and looking for a breakthrough?

Successful SaaS strategies for marketing is designed so businesses like yours can zone in on a powerful lists of prospects who are ready to buy, capture their attention with a targeted message that works, then generate a reliable, predictable pipeline.

Strategies for Sales

The industry doesn't talk about this, but the best way to create a valuable B2B SaaS businesses not by raising a ton of VC money. I know it might sound surprising but every founder already has the most critical thing to compete. Your customers are literally waiting to buy from you. You just need the right sales disciplines.

Our successful SaaS strategies for sales empower you to unlock buying conversations with your prospects that are natural and easy, while giving you the protocols you need to understand and control every step of the buying process then close more deals with winning offers that your customers love.

Strategies For Customer Success

Believing that they need to bring in lots of expensive experts to scale up is the #1 reason we see B2B SaaS businesses fail. With our Successful SaaS Strategies for Customer Success, we provide you with the tools to grow wallet share and build MRR exponentially by developing customer trust and reliance so they don't churn contracts. 

These strategies help businesses like yours bring more value to the table so customers buy more, meaning SaaS companies can double, triple or even quadruple their MRR in existing customer accounts, without an ever growing army of cash hungry, untested sales hunters.

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Our 3 Steps Guide you From Struggling To Get Pipeline and Sales, To More Prospects, Higher Conversion Rates, And Larger Deals In Just 90 Days!

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Market maximizing product offer

We understand you are tired of hustling for different customers, with different needs, and you feel overstretched by all the different traits your customers have. Learn how to identify and become laser focused on your dream customers who are ready to buy your software.


Auto-pilot prospect generation

Driving MRR growth can feel like guess work when no one has given you the playbook. Our designed-for-you marketing and sales system replaces the overwhelm with tried and tested methods for scaling your SaaS to $100k+ MRR without reinventing what to do next.


The Million dollar conversion process

With our rich experience of sales tactics and closing strategies that work in the competitive and fast-moving SaaS industry, we can help you get the perfect conversion plan up and running, so that you close more MRR and lead in your market.

John Edwards. - SaaS Network

After 90 days Of Working with The SaaS Channel, I Already Grew My MRR by 250%!

When I met Richard I was completely over stretched, trying to work out how to scale my business. But after getting on the free call with him, I gained total clarity on what I'm supposed to be focused on, what I've been missing this whole time, and what to do moving forward. Now, after 3 months of working with Richard, I Already Grew My MRR by 250%!

Jay Reddy. - Notion3


Get Everything You Need To Grow Your MRR To $100K And Beyond


Step By step Plan

LaunchPad will guide you, step-by-step through making the right choices to scale your own B2B SaaS business, like I did.

The lessons I learned took me from having a small business with unreliable pipeline to a Global $50M SaaS company, using proven methods that actually work! The goal is simple, to provide you with actionable understanding that truly helps you scale your MRR.


SaaS Coaching

How would you like access to someone that has built a SaaS business and secured $100's millions in contracts, walk you through the entire process from startup to scale up? 

We will help you get setup, build a prospect pipeline, land and keep customers, so you can then scale your business to $100k/month and beyond with our weekly coaching. Our coaching helps you fast-track your way to success as quickly as possible.


Private Community

We are building an incredible community of B2B SaaS leaders, who are working together, sharing knowledge, answering questions or just picking each other's brains. 

Imagine having access to people that are on the same growth journey and being able to find the answers that you really need, exactly when you need them from the people who are successfully building companies in B2B SaaS.


SaaS Channel Experts

Have you ever been stuck on a strategic issue with so much riding on your decision and wished you could ask someone who's been there before? 

With our Direct Messaging service, The SaaS Channel connects you with Richard and our incredible team of B2B SaaS experts in real time, so you can get to the right decisions as you step through the program and grow your MRR.


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Richard Britton

Richard co-founded and led a multi-award winning, global B2B SaaS company, growing it into a $50M business, providing a commerce platform to many of the world's most demanding subscriber businesses. His company was ranked the 7th Fastest Growing UK Company according to the Times News Paper, then sold to a private San Francisco based buyer. He is motivated by working with the emerging leaders of software, using his energy, curiosity and experience so that they can achieve their goals faster with less mistakes and retaining more of their equity.

The SaaS Channel was founded on the values of providing clear and straightforward advice drawn from proven and successful business enthusiasts, whose past experience and curiosity for the future, build trust with founders and SaaS leaders. At The SaaS Channel we always try to do the best job possible, bringing empathy and connection through stories, lessons and a passion for business.

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Richard, thank you so much, for your Program and your help as a Coach, it is literally golden for me, it will help CompareWealthManagers grow faster!


Richard, your Program was really great, thank you so much! It is really great working with you on the business we are building, your inputs are very useful to us and help us focus to win more.


Wow, thank you so much! Everything that Richard and his team taught was super beneficial for my business, I highly recommend if you're looking to grow.



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